I am drawn to creating different kinds of creatures for a number of reasons. One relates to my “other” life as an Occupational Therapist (OT) in healthcare settings. I’ve been an OT for over 20 years and currently work part time at a rehabilitation facility, helping adults with physical and cognitive health issues regain their ability to function effectively in the world. So I spend a lot of time evaluating and treating the human body. The fascination of examining bodies carries over into my sculptures.

Making the creatures is fun for me because I like to focus on how I can create a being that’s abstract, and yet believable. Often my answer to this is to focus on the relationship of the spine to the limbs. I find that, if I get this relationship right, even if ultimately the spine and the limbs are covered up, the piece feels right to me and it’s difficult to mess up.

Also, I really love bugs . . . especially dragonflies. You will notice a fair amount of bugs in my repertoire because of this attraction.

The public has responded to my creature sculptures by asking for more. In recent years I have focused a large amount of my “Art” time creating creatures for people as commissions.