The "Arabesque" series is a group of abstract sculptures that swirl through space.

Typically I begin these pieces by randomly curling aluminum rods or sheets. This metal is then welded together in compositions. Early in my work, the rods created an abstract scaffolding, which I would use as a foundation to attach colored metal curls. At this point in the creation process, I'm looking for the colors to interact with each other and with the slivers of raw aluminum. In my imagination, they almost talk with each other, one form making a statement and the next answering.

I know a piece is finished because it looks finished and I "feel" it (know it intuitively). Energetic voids in sculptures feel like "dull" areas to me--not necessarily as if they are not exciting, but more that there doesn't seem to be anything going on with them--they're stunted, empty. When composing a sculpture I gaze at the form and look for voids, then systematically address them. A piece is finished when there are no more voids to be addressed.

I love making all of my metal sculptures, but I find making pieces in this style I'm calling Arabesque are the most exhilarating.